Email Automation

Email Automation can significantly boost your email conversions and increase your ROI on email marketing.

Send to your prospects and customers custom-made, personalized emails tailored to your marketing objectives. Manage large contact lists and keep your prospects and customers engaged with emails and follow-ups that are pre-defined and triggered by a specific contact activity, but appear personal and targeted.

Custom Templates

Organize and filter your contact lists to send targeted emails based on their activities. Improve your open and click rates by creating as many custom variables as you need for your templates.

Create various email templates to react faster to contact activities and target specific goals in particular industries, verticals or events. Address you campaign objectives with compelling and appealing custom templates. You can enjoy powerful email automation workflows that generate relevant and personalized emails and follow-ups.

Get better results

Use statistics on outreach performance and advanced metrics like open and click rates to better organize your automated communications and increase the value of your database.