Contact Activity

Keep track of your conversations and get a complete view of contact activity over multiple campaigns. Watch your campaigns unfold in real time.

SkyMail RELAY offers extended reporting on contact activities and campaign progress. You can easily view and analyze contact and lead activities and track your interactions in chronological order or filter them by activity.
This 360-degree contact view can help you improve your sales process and build smarter and more effective campaigns.

Contact Profile and Email History

Keep track of your campaigns and outreach performance! Get accurate up-to-date details and stats that capture the developments within the lead pipeline and give you insights around customers and prospects.


Engage with prospects and customers with ease and keep track of their activity, logs, and messages. Use activity and contact data to reflect on set goals and achieved results and to determine how you can optimize your efforts.

Email History

Review individual contact activity, older messages, and logs. Make sure that you are not missing any details and important information from previous conversations and that you are providing utmost customer satisfaction.