SkyMail Relay

How does SkyMail Relay work?



  • Find New Prospective Clients & Build Lists

 Use SkyMail Relay to look for leads and their contact information. Apply our filters to target the right prospect profile

  • Set Up Your Campaigns

Create your campaigns by following our guidelines; customize the list of recipients and schedule the time of the follow-up emails within the platform

  • Implement an AutoPilot Communication Process

Manage and track all email conversations; The automation of your email campaign allows you to focus on the most important part of the sales funnel: closing the deals.

  • Integrate at a Deeper Level to CRM Systems

Maintain your lead pipeline using CRM effortlessly, analyze metrics and track the follow-up emails and the action performed on them

  • Create Detailed Reports

Track all your follow-up emails, monitor the progress of each prospect within the sales funnel and analyze the results of your campaigns (clicks, open and response rates, sales, number of PRs purchased) Conduct A/B testing to increase your ROI



Use SkyMail Relay and your own Gmail account to automate and personalize your sales emails,  increase your outreach efficiency and grow your business. 



SkyMail Relay is coming soon…